At the End of the Beginning, there was nothing but a Word,
And staying in the dark and letting out a train of thought,
God wondered if the Word within had actually been heard,
And why the Word alone was God and just alone with God.
God took a little breath and blew the Word out in the Dark,
The Word became a Song and in the Dark there came a Light.
And in the Light God sensed inside how the Song had made a mark,
The Dark was broken and God’s song resounded clear and bright:

But Broken Lovely, God sang to Darkness‘ face,
What I shall sing will always shine with breath from your embrace,
With you my Light shall always grow in splendour and in might
Without your blindness, there will never be the warming sight.

The Song resounded and Dark felt that the Light was really sweet,
Inhaling Dark, exhaling Light, the Song would make them one,
Dark knew they fit together, that it’d win by each defeat.
It kissed the Light and as it shone the fun had just begun.
As lovers they would meet in the set and in the rise,
While torn apart at Day and Night, they sang a soft adieu.
The Life of Day, The Dead of Night: They daily parted twice
The twilight’s brief caress would mark each breaking of the two.

But Broken Lovely, Light sang in Darkness‘ space
While I must shine I yearn to lie with you without a trace,
The soothing rest with you gives strength to every daring flight,
Your cooling calm when I go down will be my hot delight.

God saw that it was good and breathed the deepest breath to date,
God swallowed Light and Darkness and they merged within again.
God knew well that the Song this giant Breath would now create
Was more than Light and Dark, it was the essence of all men.
Exhaling, seven Days and Nights the Song would wide resound,
A Universe appeared at first with an almighty Bang,
And everywhere the Song was heard could Dark and Light be found,
A different mix in everyone with broken voices rang.

But Broken Lovely, God sang with sweetest grace
My Song is planted now and stays in every living race,
The tune within will always have its own and quiet might,
My Breath of Love will fight each pride and any fearful fright.

Within the Song he threw all feelings and desires,
Snd filled with laughter and a smile, it flew from mate to mate.
God added hard learned truths with hope and faith for weakened liars
In every self good phrase God played with bitterness and hate.
For every chance of great advance, an obstacle’d occur
The lightest soul might meet a sickness at the easy gate,
For all who felt most righteous, God gave a chance to err,
And thus, the harshest hardened hearts, might break by helpful fate.

But Broken Lovely sounded brightly from God’s rays
And many soul would sing the Song in harmony and praise.
Uplifted by a Night of Love into a Day of Fight
When two would sing in unison God knew that it was right.

God also saw the Chaos and God wondered quite a bit.
My little Song, is it so strong, what if it gets mislaid?
But Light and Darkness smiled at him when finally he’d sit:
You knew from the Beginning, it would always come to aid.
The Song will find its way whenever need is from Above,
It is your gift to every Heart whose faith has gone astray,
Whenever it is closed, your Breath will break it up with Love,
And tear it into Song again in your mysterious way:

But Broken Lovely, in the open Heart it stays,
And there, your Song and Breath will lightly every pain erase,
As Dark is always woken by the radiating Light
And Day that very moment kissed to endless sleep by Night.