Voice Lessons And Coaching

Foto: Dietmar F. Koenig

Voice Lessons

I studied classical singing and voice pedagogy at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. As a side subject I also took a teacher's degree in stage directing.

Through my teacher, Professor Bodil Gümoes, herself educated by the well know German voice teacher Paul Lohmann and later by the American physiologist and voice teacher Oren Brown, I got to know as well the classical voice technique of the old masters as the modern American voice physiology and body work techniques.

I have myself always kept studying with knowledgeable trusted teachers, and I enjoy to share my experiences and pass them on.

Especially in classical singing, where we always work in set frames of style, beauty of sound, perfect text pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and many other parameters, it is very important to me that my students see those as frames that we should know intimately and in which we work and not as straight jackets, hindering our personal expression.

With beginners I like to do body work and vocal excercises that keep activating the flowing diaphragmatic breath and with songs that stimulate the personal joy of singing.

With advanced students I like to work with their unique personal expression and find ways to project their singing so that it reaches their audiences even better.

Conversation with my accompanist since 1993, Ellen Refstrup. Usually she teaches me much more than the other way around. Foto: Sara Roland


In latter years, I have become more and more engaged in the field of coaching. Many people come to me and talk their problems through. That can be vocal problems or general life topics. I do not see myself as an analyst, much more as a catalyst for continued own personal work.

My formal background is my vocal and pedagogic education and my long activity in these fields.

I have also for many years studied astrology, this is to me a very worthful tool to get to the roots of personal challenges instead of always fighting with their symptoms.

I share my ideas of my works with psychotherapists, with healing workers and with medical doctors and I never go any further as to what I myself see as healthy and proper work.

For whoever might like to read about some of my personal challenges and about my thoughts of the healing powers of singing, I recommend my article for the American astrologica blog Radical Virgo.