Music For Comfort In Sorrow

Ulrich Brüggemann, Mads Elung-Jensen, Rainer Schnettker

In the dark nights of the soul, where words alone have little power to give comfort, music, especially the very simple sung music, has a gentle power, that can touch and heal deep wound spots in man.

The vocal chords are the only human skeletal muscles that are not controlled by the conscious brain. Singing and speaking are always activated by unconscious reflexes and impulses, and in singing always through the relaxed diaphragmatic breath flow. Our primal sorrows and feelings are all stored in the diaphragm.

Thus, at its most successful, the simple acoustic singing can go directly from the singer's heart to those of the audience.

I have for a long time studied the comforting powers of music.

Together with Cologne Cathedral organist Ulrich Brüggemann, and leader of Catholic Military Soul Comfort, Koblenz, Monsignore Rainer Schnettker, who reads connecting texts, I prepare recitals with this theme.

Our first concert was November 18 2012 in the St Petri Church in Copenhagen, on the Sorrow Day of the German People.