Entertainment And Cabaret

Cabaret singer from the 20's

Congresses, Events and Recitals

I am very happy to offer a suitable program as a soloist, with attractive duet partners or with my group Tre Tenorer, for congresses, business events and at private occasions.

Usually, my programs will consist of popular opera arias, songs from the beloved operettas and of cabaret music.

I like to speak to the audience and I enjoy very much the relaxed atmosphere of these evenings.

Below more about my long time association with entertainment music, about my previous and present ensembles.

What does Mr Maier, at the Himalaya?

Early History

At the age of 10 I discovered the exciting world of entertainment music. My parents brought back records of old Danish variety and cabaret music from the public library. I was delighted and I very quickly learnt all these crazy songs with by heart and performed them at all possible and many impossible occasions.

Many of the sexual implications of the songs might have escaped me, but I could always recognize a good rhyme.

Cabaret Friends, Jürgen Schoop, Mads, Helene Gjerris, Kasper Højby Nielsen and Niels Emgren

Kopenhagen Kabarett

As a classical song student I would often perform these songs at parties, but it wasn’t until I once in Berlin stumbled upon CDs with the male harmony group Comedian Harmonists that I realized that I could sing this music in my professional field also.

I gathered some good colleagues and founded our ensemble Kopenhagen Kabarett. I wrote three shows for our group with Berlin cabaret music 'Der Traum wird wahr', 'Auf der steinernen Brücke' and *Gibt sich die Ehre'. Our ensemble was very popular in Denmark, we made CD and television productions, we toured widely and had great fun with each other and with our audience.

Mads in the 20'es

Solo Cabaret

Today, I perform my own solo cabaret program with songs from the golden 20’s in Berlin. With Wolfgang Homering, who in the 90's produced 12 programs of German cabaret for the TV channel ZDF, I have designed cabaret evenings with the wild story of the Golden 20's in Berlin.

For the Danish television channel dk4 I recorded a program November 2011 with the most loved songs from this time with my cabaret accompanist Nicolai Kjølsen and the reporter Hans Skaarup. It was broadcast in Denmark New Year’s Eve 2011.

Here one of the all time most popular songs from that production.

Your nursing team. Three tenors, Mads, Adam Riis and Emil Lykke

Tre Tenorer

Three Tenors, Adam Riis, Emil Lykke and myself has existed for a while already. With base in Copenhagen, we sing swinging American entertainment music, Italian and Scandinavian popular music, together and as soloists.

We commission our own arrangements or make them ourselves.

Here our big Christmas medley, arranged by Rasmus Thaarup.