Ein bisschen Leichtsinn - Slightly Reckless

Ein Bisschen Leichtsinn with Dirk Rave. LiteraturHaus jan 2013. Foto Sebastian Eskildsen

Ein bisschen Leichtsinn – Slightlý Reckless

1918-1933 was one of cultural history's most significant periods. Especíally in Berlin, with its

volcanic active life, cabaret music florished.


In the three years after the end of the First World War, 200 new cabaret theatres were founded in

Germany, 38 of these in Berlin.The cabaret scene was at the same time refined and very direct, the

tunes on highest level and the cheeky 'Wortwitz' - puns – unforgettable.


On a tremendously poor material background incredible music, theatre and art was created. Havng

alternative sexual preferences was rather the norm and wild birds from all parts of the world were

attracted to Berlin. Many fell down, and tragic end is hidden behind every highlight.


Dirk Rave and I have composed this cabaret performance with tales of the city, the time, the people

and of course, especially of the music.


Here excerpts from our performance.