St Mortens Church Randers


At the age of 15 I joined a church choir in my hometown Randers in Denmark.

Singing hymns, the thrill of the dancing rhythms of baroque music, learning to blend your individual voice with colleagues, learning to be on time, practicing and practicing, striving for perfection, almost attaining it at your level, and then performing in marvelous church rooms with fantastic acoustics, what a wonderful world, then as much as today!

Johann Sebastian Bach


As a student I went for six years to Zurich to study with the tenor Ernst Haefliger. This was perhaps the most decisive encounter of my formative years. I especially enjoyed his intimate knowledge of the roles of the Evangelists in Bach’s Passions. These parts are also the most important in my repertoire of sacred music.

As time has gone by, I have sung almost all the classical tenor oratorio solos of the classical and romantic repertoire. It is always a very special occasion to perform these wonderful works with chorus and orchestra.

Here is a sound clip of me as Evangelist and here my repertoire list.

Foto: Dietmar F. Koenig

Church Recital

I enjoy very much giving church recitals, I have a very broad repertoire of sacred music from the baroque over the classical and romantic to comtemporary music. I always try to propose a program that suits the occasion.

At the moment, my program 'Music For Comfort In Sorrow' that I make with organist of Cologne Cathedral Ulrich Brüggemann and leader of German Catholic Military Soul Comfort, Monsignore Rainer Schnettker is especially important to me.

I perform as well with the local organist as with my steady partners.