possessed – obsessed - occupied

Nazi leaflet to the Danish and the Norwegian population on occupation day 9 April 1940

Possessed – Obsessed - Occupied


Beastly Divine - A Transcendent-Anal musical comedy

By Mads Elung-Jensen

The Doctor/Eva

The Patient/Madame Lilith

The Voice of Reason/Nurse Adam


At The Doctor’s

The Voice of Reason philosophises over the fact that men are eternally unhappy and instead of living their change prefer co-dependency and old destructive habits.

They constantly imagine themselves forever sick, visit their doctors and if the treatment has no instant effect, thankfully the astro-healers can manipulate them safely away from making an attempt to find their own life paths. He introduces The Patient, on his way to yet another visit to The Doctor.

The Doctor, a Jewish Lesbian proctologist, specialist in male rectal diseases, due to the particular profession dressed up as a man, is his chosen therapist.

The Patient enters, suffering from terrible internal pain. He feels close to death and uplists possible medical conditions that he might be suffering from, all directly found on the internet.

The Doctor used to his hypochondriac behaviour normally gives him a placebo, but today she is bored, wonders whether she shall give him a perception blurring drug, but, proud of her strong governing hand, instead she decides to make a thorough rectal examination of our patient, (‘And in his rectum my largest spectrum’) and so that he can feel it better she exchanges anesthesia for salt water.
While The Patient takes a lavage she sings an aria on the stupidity of week feeble men, on her pleasure of while presumably treating them, torturing them with incontestable medical proof that they are on the brink of a great series of venereal diseases. She also heartily praises female beauty and strength.

The Patient returns, The Doctor draws a curtain so only the elevated legs and the face of The Patient are seen. The Voice of Reason in an Ice-Skate Dancing contest reporter voice, makes a guided anal tour to the audience.

Technically and enthusiastically, he describes The Doctor’s artistic anatomic journey up and down the anus, rectum, sphincter, colon descendum, transversum and ascendum, all the time keeping in touch with the prostate which keeps The Patient on the brink of the famous male anal orgasm.

The rhythmical sounds and groans of Doctor and Patient accompany The Voice of Reason's aria.

The Doctor, after the examination routinely warns The Patient of the long series of venereal diseases which his assumed sexual behaviour can cause and urges him to develop a stronger male attitude towards resisting the unhealthy life of desires’ challenges.

In a Tom Lehrer The Elements style duet all known venereal diseases, their worst case scenarios, side effects and poor healing rates (which of course rhymes with AIDS) are listed.

The Patient thankfully leaves with a 'That really hurt, now I feel much better'.

Left alone, The Doctor, dictates a couple of sentences in The Patient’s  journal, suddenly gets introvert and in a lyric song experiences her solitude, feels ugly and aging and longs for the soul mate who can see beyond position and appearances and feel who she really is.


The Voice of Reason introduces the well known conspiracy theory or rather, the fact, that the Pope, in an extraordinary collaboration with the KGB and the CIA developed the AIDS virus in an Ugandan laboratory, with the explicit desire to exterminate blacks, gays, prostitutes and drug addicts, thus explaining the catholic church's reluctance to the safe sex propaganda.

At the Doctor’s

The Doctor on her desk finds a business card of a Madame Lilith, a healing masseuse, and astro-regression therapist, who through intimate massage, hypnotherapy and astro-regression specialises in assisting female clients working in the stressful insensitive professional male world, to find her inner loving - and attractive - woman.

Torn between her scorn for these ridiculous, non-provable and potentially damaging therapies and her loneliness, she decides to telephone this Madame Lilith, presumably to expose her, but perhaps also to seek a way out of her desperate situation.

Madame Lilith who has a smooth velvet like voice tells The Doctor, now just plain Eva, that she works with crystals (The Doctor quickly writes down Crystle), with various incenses, herbs, wild weed and grass (writes Grass), with mythological journeys of ancient heros and heroines (writes Heroin) and how, through a trance voyage it is possible to find a way to experience a liberating inner extasy (writes Extasy).

Eva feels soothed and attracted to this gentle voice and as Madame Lilith incidentally has a cancellation this very evening, Eva gives her birth data and schedules an immediate appointment.

At Madame Lilith’s

We meet Madame Lilith, who is none other than The Patient in drag, dressed in a beautiful oriental dress of either Gypsy or Muslim origin (always so hard to tell those apart).

Madame Lilith is still experiencing the marvellous after effects of The Doctor's treatment, feels poignantly sexy and trembling, imagines his next consultation and perhaps even more than that with this hard core real male, and is totally bored to have to be understanding, sensitive and empathetic to yet another female client.

But works is work. He lights candles, incense, has a short superficial look at the chart, a delicious 2nd house Pluto- 9th house Gemini Sun square (Let her take a light self-destructive philosophical journey to my bank account).

Saturn in 7th house opposing Mars Uranus in first (Let her believe it is her own rules that want some disastrous fireworks and she'll be loyally back for more and more).

Leo Ascendant (praise, praise, praise)

And, oh cute, a 4th house Neptune opposing 10th house Venus (drunk Daddy, can you hear me, Mummy can you see me, my work my love....)

Chiron, the wounded healer in the 8th house of death and transformation, that’ll be fun…

Watch out, Moon in Virgo trining Mercury, ok we start with a healthy analytically approach to the wild stuff... Jupiter, oh who cares...

Madame Lilith checks his make up, waltzes a bit around, the bell rings.

Eva enters, Madame Lilith welcomes her, offers a cup of herbal tea, and exchanges some introductory words, but of course prefers to let the treatment speak for itself. While gently massaging her, Madame Lilith follows his plan, in the most loving affectionate voice while singing a healing song he induces a light trance, massages, talks about a beautiful (and very old) soul, a challenging childhood, the child’s sacrifice for father’s and mother’s sake, love of work, the importance of learning learn to love all parts of oneself, even the darker harder sides. Eva who continually has mumbled acceptance of the relevations, waking up is shaken and stirred. At last she is really seen, and by such a beautiful mystical woman.

Madame Lilith finishes the session and mentions that the path to a deep healing experience can be an astro-regression session where the client not only learns to love this incarnation but indeed all previous incarnations too.

He urges Eva to go home, reflect upon these openings that they have been blessed to experience together, and feel free to come back again, indeed anytime when she feels the moment is ready to the next joint journey, which he feels so privileged to have the honour of accompanying. Actually, tomorrow is a ripe full moon, but no, she, Eva will sense it herself…

Madame Lilith embraces Eva and lets her out. He wonders why women always believe this crap, but whatever pays the taxes (In German tax ‘Steuer’ rhymes beautifully with paranoia). He decides that he must call The Doctor again tomorrow.

The Voice of Reason sings a lullaby, accompanied by Eva and Madame Lilith who both undressing happily fall asleep.


At The Doctor’s

Next day, The Doctor, back in her clinic, finds herself in a conflict. What has she really experienced yesterday? Is it possible, is her work worth nothing? No, she must take a scientific approach, maybe she can even introduce some of Madame Lilith’s therapeutic methods herself, and after all, she does have the much praised strong governing hand.

She calls Nurse Adam, The Voice of Reason, gives him the list that she scribbled yesterday, instructs him to get the stuff, and decides upon a real double-blind research experiment, where neither patient nor doctor while the experiment is happening knows whether the patient is getting the drug or placebo. This method will beyond any doubt show what is right or wrong.

The Patient telephones and asks for an acute consultation. The Doctor, in her strictest voice, tells him, that he can come, but he will have to fit in and wait, since there are many clients today.

The Doctor is happy, that silly guy will be her guinea pig. She sings a song describing the infallibility of the The Double Blind research principle.

Nurse Adam returns, he has acquired everything on the list, in a duet he tries to warn The Doctor about the purchases, but to no avail, The Doctor is not used to being advised by her Nurse and will certainly not start now.

The Doctor, looking at the stimulants, decides that an injection directly into the vein (IV) will be the easiest, cleanest and most medical approach. Following the Double Blind principle, she prepares two syringes, one with a generous mixture of the various ingredients and one with an NaCl-mixture (salt water). Like a magician, she juggles with both until she can’t remember which is which.

The Secretary announces that The Patient has arrived. Impatiently, The Doctor instructs The Secretary to let The Patient come before all the other scheduled patients. When The Patient enters, The Doctor tells him that she believes that a slightly new experimental treatment will be necessary. It has not yet been released for general use, but he can be part of a new research experiment if he likes.

As it is a Double Blind experiment, The Patient will have to be blindfolded (Triple Blind is of course even better). The Patient agrees. He will have to sign a paper that he enters the project on his own volition, which he immediately does. The Doctor assures him that she will follow his reactions closely.

The Patient is blindfolded, curtain drawn, legs and face visible. The Doctor injects one of the syringes into the vein of The Patient, and strange things start to happen, The Voice of Reason, again accompanied by sounds and groans from The Doctor and The Patient repeats the Anal Tour, now with a higher techno-style rhythm, it builds up to a tremendous climax, not only does The Patient reach the male prostate orgasm in an unmistakable vocal way but the reverberations extend to The Doctor who has a shared similar experience, even the neutral commenting Voice of Reason is part of the experience. The treatment ends with shared inhaling and exhaling.

The Doctor, being first to resume approximately normal clinical behaviour, removes the Blindfold, instructs The Patient to drink a glass of water, to let his legs down, to stay where he is, to keep breathing ever more slowly, and to describe in a few words how he feels. The Patient utters some positive, not totally understandable words.

The Doctor informs The Patient that she finds his reactions interesting and promising, it is even possible that a major scientific break-through has occurred, although of course one single experiment is far from conclusive. She instructs him to get dressed, to go home and if possible rest for the remains of the day and call back anytime if need be, she gives him her mobile number.

The Patient leaves, supported by The Nurse. The Doctor, on her own gives in to the internal and external shaking that she until now has kept under control. What has happened? Was it the hand? Is Madame Lilith’s esoteric method superior to proven medicine? Or has she found an alchemical fusion of these apparently incompatible treatments by distilling a healing method into a chemical formula?  

She starts writing a medical record and suddenly realises to her annoyance that she might accidentally have drugged The Patient with illegal substances, but relaxes again, since after all it was only that stupid guy and who knows whatever he has done before.

Instead her thoughts turn back to Madame Lilith, such a beautiful woman. But what chances does she have. She herself is ugly, ugly, ugly, and Madame Lilith must be sought after by anyone.

Anyway, she tells The Nurse that she will have to cancel the rest of today’s patients and leaves the clinic.


The Voice of Reason explains how God  when he created man and woman, also created a superior angelic species which was explicitly made to explore the male in the female and the female in the male and thus, resting in their exalted positions never in need of touching a person of the opposite sex.

Indeed, within some religious one-sex-organizations, often found in sacred monasteries and holy buildings, a virtue has been made of out of initiating especially gifted children, not yet of sexual maturity into this wonderful world.

At Madame Lilith’s

Madame Lilith is ecstatic. He is in a crazed love stupor. No one will ever make him feel like The Doctor. And yet, what chances does he have. A Doctor sees thousands of patients, is a studied powerful man, while he Madame Lilith is stupid, stupid, stupid, what might he ever offer such a man? And he is yearning, subject to bodily cravings that now only The Doctor can fulfil.

The telephone rings, it is Eva. It takes a while for Madame Lilith to tune into his professional voice and remember who the f… this Eva is, but Eva keeps talking that she senses a need to see Madame Lilith today if at all possible, and gracefully he grants her a consultation later this very day.

Hanging up he goes into a wild rage, if he cannot have The Doctor, Eva, and indeed the whole female race will suffer the fury of a Madame Lilith scorned. He calms himself, and acknowledging the fact that the only things his clients cannot defend themselves against are kindness and empathy. Those will be his ultimate mean weapons.  

Madame Lilith humming lights candles and incense and makes herbal tea. He adds a couple of unknown ingredients to one of the cups. Checks up his make up, he is indeed glowing and radiant.

Eva enters. She tells Madame Lilith that she has been very moved by yesterday’s consultation and indeed has tried to work on her own, but she fears that she has misunderstood Madame Lilith’s message and is in need of guidance.

How fortunate says Madame that tonight is a full moon, and even in Pisces, opposing Eva Adam’s Pluto which of course at the same time right now the brilliant Sun conjuncts. It is the ultimate moment to make a deep regression into her previous incarnation, the karmic dilemmas of that previous life can now come to the surface and through the unconditional love from the Source be resolved. Is she, Eva, prepared to take that journey with Madame Lilith? Eva nods.

Madame Lilith offers her one of the cups of herbal tea, takes the other. And softly singing she massages Eva and induces another trance. He calls out, who is he talking to? Eva, in the voice of a little boy tells about singing in a choir, death of strict father, love of mother.

Madame Lilith urges her on. Something will not come to the surface immediately, Madame Lilith sweetly, yes Eva, carry on, who do you love, Eva cries Eva, Eva, Eva, Mother, Mother Mother, Eva’s grunts get more and more male and commanding.

Madame Lilith carries on singing and massaging, asks softly for a gesture. She raises a right hand. Madame Lilith goes more and more into Eva’s trance, softly ever so softly says. So, who do you hate, Eva’s previous soul, A people, a whole people. Oh Eva’s previous soul, yes those we hate we now must love, we must find love. Give me a name, or just a letter. F. F is right? Yes. L. FL? Yes. O? FLO? Yes. D. FLOD? Yes. More, once last letter, then we are through. A. FLODA? Yes I am FLODA, a high pitched very male man’s voice cries. Take it back. Back. Backward. ADOLF, Eva cries and faints.

Wow, says Madame Lilith to herself. He leaves the fainted Eva and checks up on his make up. God, he is gorgeous. Coming back to Eva, bringing her back into the trance, he gently suggests suicide as an obvious solution. Or total unconditional love of Adolf’s soul. He tells Adolf/Eva that he will now bring her back to this incarnation. He counts backward. 6 million, 5 million, 4 million, 3 million, 2 million, 1 million, a hundred thousand, ten thousand, a thousand, a hundred, ninety, eighty, seventy, sixty, fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, nine, eight, six, five, four, three, two, one lone Jewess. And, now you can wake up Eva.

Madame Lilith asks Eva, if she remembers the regression. She remembers everything and is horrified to learn about her previous life. What can she do? Madame Lilith tells her that she must find love for all darkness.

Indeed, he himself found much relief, discovering that his own previous incarnation was Friedrich Nietzsche. Due to God/dess’s infinite goodness and mysterious humoristic ways s/he let him wait for quite a while to incarnate again, letting his soul rest in the soothing belief that both he and God were dead. And how appropriate that God/dess chose to let him, Madame Lilith experience the magic conflict of being a karmic astrologer that continually wishes to die without reincarnating.

By the grace of the source, nothing is impossible. Madame Lilith feels blessed that they have gone through this journey together and with a couple of sweet smiles, she sends Eva on her way home. Telling her that she can call anytime if need be.


The Voice of Reason sings accompanied by the unseen voices of The Doctor and The Patient

But Broken Lovely

At the End of the Beginning, there was nothing but a Word,

And staying in the dark and letting out a train of thought,

God wondered if the Word within had actually been heard,

And why the Word alone was God and just alone with God.

God took a little breath and blew the Word out in the Dark,

The Word became a Song and in the Dark there came a Light.

And in the Light God sensed inside how the Song had made a mark,

The Dark was broken and God's song resounded clear and bright:

But Broken Lovely, God sang to Darkness' face,

What I shall sing will always shine with breath from your embrace,

With you my Light shall always grow in splendour and in might

Without your blindness, there will never be the warming sight.

The Song resounded and Dark felt that the Light was really sweet,

Inhaling Dark, exhaling Light, the Song would make them one,

Dark knew they fit together, that it'd win by each defeat.

It kissed the Light and as it shone the fun had just begun.

As lovers they would meet in the set and in the rise,

While torn apart at Day and Night, they sang a soft adieu.

The Life of Day, The Dead of Night: They daily parted twice

The twilight's brief caress would mark each breaking of the two.

But Broken Lovely, Light sang in Darkness' space

while I must shine I yearn to lie with you without a trace,

The soothing rest with you gives strength to every daring flight,

Your cooling calm when I go down will be my hot delight.

God saw that it was good and breathed the deepest breath to date,

God swallowed Light and Darkness and they merged within again.

God knew well that the Song this giant Breath would now create

Was more than Light and Dark, it was the essence of all men.

Exhaling, seven Days and Nights the Song would wide resound,

A Universe appeared at first with an almighty Bang,

And everywhere the Song was heard could Dark and Light be found,

A different mix in everyone with broken voices rang.

But Broken Lovely, God sang with sweetest grace

My Song is planted now and stays in every living race,

The tune within will always have its own and quiet might,

My Breath of Love will fight each pride and any fearful fright.

Within the Song he threw all feelings and desires,

and filled with laughter and a smile, it flew from mate to mate.

God added hard learned truths with hope and faith for weakened liars

In every self good phrase God played with bitterness and hate.

For every chance of great advance, an obstacle'd occur

The lightest soul might meet a sickness at the easy gate,

For all who felt most righteous, God gave a chance to err,

And thus, the harshest hardened hearts, might break by helpful fate.

But Broken Lovely sounded brightly from God's rays

And many soul would sing the Song in harmony and praise.

Uplifted by a Night of Love into a Day of Fight

When two would sing in unison God knew that it was right.

God also saw the Chaos and God wondered quite a bit.

My little Song, is it so strong, what if it gets mislaid?

But Light and Darkness smiled at him when finally he'd sit:

You knew from the Beginning, it would always come to aid.

The Song will find its way whenever need is from Above,

It is your gift to every Heart whose faith has gone astray,

Whenever it is closed, your Breath will break it up with Love,

And tear it into Song again in your mysterious way:

But Broken Lovely, in the open Heart it stays,

And there, your Song and Breath will lightly every pain erase,

As Dark is always woken by the radiating Light

And Day that very moment kissed to endless sleep by Night.

The Dark Night Of The Soul

It is Full Moon at night. Both Eva and Madame Lilith frantically try to get in touch with the other. There is no mobile connection. They send text messages, run past each other’s clinics leaving notes at the other’s front door that they have to get in touch at the very first possible moment. Exhausted they both return to their own home where they discover notes and text messages from the other.

In their desperation, they decide to avenge themselves on their patient/client and we hear a morbid duet, the Doctor dresses up and prepares a very larges dose of the substances she has left from the aborted double blind experiment, while Madame Lilith goes through the motions of a very deep trance that will manipulate Eva into taking her own life as atonement for Adolf’s black soul’s deeds.

As both are ready, they send a text message to the other, that they can come right away. Relieved, they immediately rush out of their homes, both dressed up as their professional persona. On the street they bump into each other, collapse and wake up dreamingly discovering the love of their life.

Both confess their unconditional love, while at the same time feeling totally unworthy of ever being loved by the other. But as Madame Lilith praises The Doctor’s strong governing hand, Eva realises a way of transcending his past incarnation, Madame Lilith on the other feel so stupid. But The Doctor calms him, saying you are not stupid, on the contrary, you are very, very beautiful. The Doctor’s hand will guide him, and Madame Lilith’s sweetness and beauty will always comfort her.

They both know they belong together and as love is love, they are confident that they will sort of the petty details later. In the final trio, The Voice of Reason philosophises over the power of chemistry and love. What was here at work? Is the solution really better than the problem? But then, when you have real love, true beauty and a helping hand at hand, who really cares?

Berlin meets Copenhagen

In most languages there are various words for being posessed by a person, being obsessed by an idea or for a country occupying another. In Danish, we only have one word, besat.


The German occupation of Denmark in 1940 during the second World War and the Danish goverment's attitude to the occupational power is still one of the most hotly discussed themes of Danish history.


The Nazi censorship meant that the cabaret scene had to use all its wit and ingenuity and poetically rewrite the people's longing for freedom. Especially the architect, free thinker and author Poul Henningsen sublimely connected the personal, not least the erotical freedom with freedom from any kind of violation and encroachment.


Many of these songs' cheerful lightness is especially moving considering the sombre background. For many Danes, the occupation was their finest hour, working secretly in the resistance movement. The rescuing of almost all the Danish/Jewish population by all kinds of ordinary citizens is still one of the 2nd World War's happiest stories.


Berlin saw dictatorship, repression and destruction and still, artists during the Nazi regime created unforgettable songs like 'Lili Marleen' and 'Ich weiss, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n'.


After the cabaret 'Ein bisschen Leichtsinn' about Berlin in the 20's, Dirk Rave and I focus on the music before, during and after the 2nd world war. This is our first jointly created concert performance. Many of the Danish songs will be heard for the first time in German translations.


Man's obsessive possessive behaviour towards each other, and nations' occupational habits have made Dirk and me ask ourselves the question, 'Can I devote myself totally to another person and still remain perfectly myself?


The musical answers are from the 30's, the 40's and the 50's. There are musical time travels to the Greek antique, as well Eurovision Song Contest successes and failures.


Besessen - Besetzt was be premiered in LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen on 8 October 2013 and in Germany in Zimmertheater Steglitz on 23 February 2014.